'Soon to be Posted' New Songs

-"For Diane"


I am blessed that Jan asked me to be a part of her website.
Together she and I have weathered many storms and the new
music she will soon be adding to this site is indicative of that.

Jan is a survivor, a fighter and a woman who understands the
more important, deeper sides of life more than anyone I have
ever known.

You see her picture, she is beautiful.  You listen to her music,
she is talented.  You see her desire to share this website, she
is giving and kind.

What a better world this would be if we had more people like
Jan...or 'jankelly' as I affectionately call her.  I aways write
poetry in lowercase letters and therefore 'jankelly' is so very
appropriate because she is poetry to me.

Please listen and enjoy, download songs, sign the guestbook,
purchase a CD, however you found the site, she welcomes you.
Whatever you do here, she sppreciates it.

That's just the way she is.