Janice Kelly

Weathered Keys

Hi, my name is Jan Kelly.  Welcome to my website.

I got my first toy piano when I was just a little girl.  For reasons I can't explain I not only enjoyed playing this little piano but almost immediately started composing simple songs.  With each new song I felt that a gift had been bestowed upon my shoulders...a gift that I always wanted to share with others.

Now here you are—reading my website—hopefully excited about hearing the music I have written over the years.  Music has always nourished my emotional and mental states just as food has nourished my body.  My hope is that when you listen, you will feel my fingers on the keyboard and my heart touching yours.

Some songs are new, others not...but all are a gift I would like to share with you.

Thank you for visiting my site.  Please enjoy it and come back as often as you wish.  Tell a friend what you have heard and the gift is multiplied.